Company Profile

“Maru” is a pure Korean word that means “highest, fundamental, best, and sky.”

Himchanmaru makes health drinks and health pills. It is called ""extraction of health"" that long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients with water is called ""health drink"", and a product made of rings that is easy to eat and finely crushed a good medicine that fits the theme is called ""health pill"".
Snail extract and chicken feet extract are Korea’s two leading health drinks.
While snail and chicken feet are unfamiliar ingredients abroad, they are often used in Korea for strengthening the body and are mentioned in old medical books (Dongui Bogam and Compendium of Materia Medica).
Snails in traditional Chinese and Japanese books are a good medicine used in many forms of healing and treatment.
In Korea, these two health drink are famous as a health food.
We also added the premium Wow Drink Plus and Bongchu Drink Plus that contain galangal, known as Thailand’s ginseng, to provide customers with a wide array of options.
In making a health drink, the most important factors are the ingredients and their amounts and the brewing method. For the technology concerning these, our food company has acquired a patent. As such, our company has sold the largest number of snail extracts in the Korean open market.
Our health pills are manufactured in six themes that foster good health through food.
For this product, long-term research has been conducted in collaboration with experts from various fields.
As a part of this research, we registered patents and our products to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to increase functionality and safety.
The Himchanmaru Health Pill Series, which allows customers to choose the theme based on his/her health condition, is manufactured at a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-registered facility.

Reliable health food that contains nature’s benefits
When making these health foods, what kind of material, what kind of quality and how to make it are very important.
We are a food company with a patent on its content.
As a result, our company has sold the highest number of snail extracts in the Korean open market.
Himchanmaru's products contain nothing but clean water and fresh ingredients.
Many companies use additives to improve appearances, save costs, or enhance the flavors.
However, Himchanmaru only put it in nature.
Some additives are not included either.
This is because I think that this is a true health food.
We make healthy foods, but there are not medicines or functional foods.
Our products belong to the general food category. The HS-code for our health pills is 210690, and the HS-code for our health drinks is 220299.
(HS-Code is a product code used in trade.)

Company History

January, 2020 Burden-Sharing Project (Corona Outbreak)
January, 2019 Transferred extraction technology to Jeonju University’s Bio-Functional Food Department
January, 2019 Sixth industry certification
January, 2019 Patent registration for health pills
January, 2019 FDA registration and passed the food standards
January, 2019 R&D-dedicated department certification
January, 2019 ISO 22000 certification
January, 2019 Implementation of the Jeonbuk Technopark R&D Business
January, 2019 Ranked top in the satisfaction rate for the health drink category (Sponsored by The Chosun Ilbo)
January, 2019 Patent registration for Chicken Feet Drink
January, 2019 Acquired “Customs-Approved Registered Exporter” certificate
January, 2018 Began export
January, 2018 Sponsored the World Powerlifting Championship
January, 2018 Patent registration for Snail Drink
January, 2018 Established Himchanmaru’s factory
January, 2016 Established Himchanmaru
January, 2016 Began online sales
January, 2016 Began original equipment manufacturing (OEM)

Factory / Branch Office

himchanmaru (www.himchanmaru.com)

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    Taekeol Ha
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    15 Honamcheol-ro Sintaein-eup, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do (56104)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product WOWdrink plus
Established 2016-04-06
Total Annual Revenue 1~3 million (KRW)
Total Employees Less than 5